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  1. Mazuhn
    Aug 24,  · For more Easter eggs, ask Cortana to tell you about various elements of the Halo universe: "Tell me about" Elites, grunts, jackals, brutes, hunters, prometheans, the .
  2. Dourn
    Sep 21,  · You wake up feeling sick, and you call your boss to let her know that you're taking a sick day. Most workers are unclear on what their employers have the right to ask when they call out sick. In general, employers are allowed to ask for the details of your illness.
  3. Vudokus
    Jun 19,  · The logical question to ask is will it impact Cortana’s speed and the answer is No. During tests, the switch was absolutely flawless and without delays. Update: We initially recommended a Chrome extension called bing2google but it has been pulled from the Chrome Web Store. In its place, we recommend using Chrometana.
  4. Nim
    When you're speaking to Cortana you can check your emails, ask for the next event on your calendar or add items to your to-do list. For now, the Cortana skill is limited because it's a public.
  5. Tarisar
    You can ask Cortana to show you a list of all the alarms you have active. This will open the new Alarms & Clock app, where you can modify or delete all your existing alarms.
  6. Tojajar
    He wants to check that you’re still into him. It’s a nice ego boost for him to know that you’re eager to spend time with him again — he gets the high from it and doesn’t even have to put in any effort to see you again. Nice until the next time he feels like another ego stroke, that is. He’s never going to be with you.
  7. Moogurr
    If you don’t ask this question when buying a house, you might go with whatever number a lender approves for you. And that could run you the risk of carrying a mortgage burden so large and for so long that you feel like Atlas after Zeus dropped the weight of the world on his shoulders for all of eternity.
  8. Shale
    Ask Approved: If You're Obsessed With “Watchmen,” Then You'll Fall in Love With These Binge-Worthy Shows HBO’s Watchmen is a true masterpiece. It’s bold, deep, groundbreaking and everything you didn’t know you needed in a series.

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